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We hope to be able to host events again soon.  

Check back regularly to see updates.  



Over the past few months the Legal Innovation Centre has been involved in the following activities - 

Webinar on PLCS, Listing & The Role of Technology

December 2021

Activity:  ​Philip White, CFO Diaceutics PLC talks to Jane Hollway


Webinar on ESG

December 2021

Activity: Julianne Hughes-Jennett, Partner at Emanuel Quinn in London, speaks to Jane Hollway


Philip White, CFO Diaceutics PLC - listing on the stock exchange



Webinar on Legal Futures at BMK

November 2021

Activity: Andrew Neill, Director of Baker McKenzie, speaks to Jane Hollway

Legal Innovators UK - The Artificial Lawyer


October 2021

Activity: Invited Talk, Jane Hollway

Corporate Finance Transactions

3 December 2020

Activity: Craig Holmes, Managing Partner at HNH, speaks to Jane Hollway

Webinar on Legal Innovation Opportunities at Citi

2 December 2020

Activity: Geardine McCann, Director of TTS/Legal at Citi, speaks to Jane Hollway

British Irish Commercial Bar Association

5 November 2020

Activity: Invited Talk, Jane Hollway

Description: Impact of AI on Law 


Webinar on Directors Duties and the Board

22 October 2020

Activity: John Darby, Solicitor/Lecturer on Commercial Law at Law Society of Ireland speaks to Jane Hollway

Webinar on Business Structures

30 September 2020

Activity: Kevin Bell, Partner at KPMG, speaks to Jane Hollway

Law and Technology Conference 2020 – The Law Society of Scotland.  

20 Sep 2020

Activity: Invited talk – Mark Potkewitz

World Legal Summit (Publisher)

1 Jul 2020

Activity: Publication peer-review and editorial work by Mark Potkewitz


Suggested legislative measures to overcome the contact tracing “trust gap”

Student Research Network Summer Seminar Law and Technology (Virtual Seminar)

11 Jun 2020

Activity: Invited talk – Mark Potkewitz 


This was the first online seminar of the SRN Summer Seminar Series. The theme: 'Law and Technology' included presentations from PhD researchers, comments from expert discussants, and a Q&A session.

Brooklyn Law School Academic Visit (Virtual Teaching) 

1 Jun 2020 → 17 Jul 2020

Legal Hackers – Privacy & Contact Tracing Apps – COVID-19 Panel Series

2 Jun 2020

Activity: Invited talk – Mark Potkewitz


Contract tracing, along with Contact Tracing Apps have been identified as a key component of the potential route out of the current UK lockdown.
Whilst the government has moved forward developing its own NHS App, some parties have advocated for a more decentralised solution upon which third parties could build applications (such as the system being developed jointly by Apple and Google, or the European open-source DP3T project). This panel explored the pros and cons of the current solutions being mooted, considered the privacy concerns relating to such applications, and the implications for society in both the short and medium term.

Cybersecurity – Research ethics and the practicalities of technology

2 Jun 2020 


Prof Rory O'Connell organised and chaired a seminar by Mark Potkewitz on Cybersecurity aimed at PhD researchers.

Legal Innovators UK Conference

14 May 2020

Activity: Invited Talk, Jane Hollway

Description: Innovation in the Practice of Law

Legal Cheek Conference

30 April 2020

Activity: Invited Talk, Jane Hollway

Description: Future of Legal Education


Lunch and Learn on Open Source Software Licensing 

19 Mar 2020

Activity:  Invited talk held virtually

Law and Technology Conference 2019 – Talk on ‘How technology is changing legal practice’.

9 Oct 2019

Technological Disruptions in Legal Practice Conference

25 Sep 2019 at Athlone Institute of Technology

Legal Hackers International Summit 2019

13 Sep 2019 → 15 Sep 2019

Round Table Breakfast Meeting – Efficacy and Predictability of AI? 

1 Aug 2019 


EMEA Legal Hackers Summit

7 Jun 2019 → 9 Jul 2019

Past Events

  • CANCELLED The Computer says No: how ‘welfare’ algorithms punish the poor.
    25 Mar 2020, 17:30
    Ulster University, York St, Belfast BT15 1ED, UK
  • AI in the Future of Law & Business
    Thu, 23 Jan
    Ulster University Belfast Campus
    23 Jan 2020, 08:00 – 13:00
    Ulster University Belfast Campus, York St, Belfast BT15 1ED, UK
    Half day conference on the future of AI in Law and Business, looking particularly at lawtech and fintech Speakers to be confirmed. The Legal Innovation Centre will host this in partnership with Ulster University Business School.
  • Disruption in Legal Tech - Threat or Opportunity? - Interactive Workshop
    12 Nov 2019, 08:00 – 11:00 GMT
    University of Ulster, Belfast Campus, York St, Belfast, UK
    Join Joy Heath Rush, Jim McKenna, TJ Johnson, Mark Potkewitz, and Moira Loughran at Ulster University in Belfast, Northern Ireland for the interactive workshop “Disruption in Legal Tech – Threat or Opportunity?” on 12th November!
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