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Companies were very happy to provide us with the following testimonials:

"The delivery of legal services is evolving quickly, and depends increasingly on the overlapping disciplines of data science. Ulster University’s new 'Corporate Law and Computing' course is an exciting opportunity to acquire the practical knowledge and skills that are much in demand, as legal practices of all types equip themselves with the resources they need to support markets, commerce and society in the new data-centric era."

Stephen Bartlett, EMEA Regional General Counsel & Global Co-Head Markets and Securities Services Legal, Citi

"Allen & Overy is a significant employer of law graduates in Northern Ireland and is supportive of the proposed new LLM/MSc law & technology masters programme. We are increasingly interested in employing graduates with multi-disciplinary skill-sets, particularly those with legal technology and computing backgrounds."

Angela Clist, Partner, Head of Legal Services Centre, Belfast, Allen & Overy LLP

"We would very much be interested in employing candidates that graduated from your programs that had legal / law training paired with computer science. It’s very much a skillset that will be increasingly in demand as we look for individuals who can bridge the data science through to practical legal application."

Nick Thomson, GM, iManage RAVN

"The lawyers of tomorrow will need to be tech-savvy. Pinsent Masons are increasingly committed to employing graduates with multi-disciplinary skillsets. We hope to be in a position to offer competitive prize and ad hoc specialist teaching input to attendees on the new LLM/MSs Corporate Law & Computing from Ulster University. We are excited by this ground-breaking initiative from our partners in the Legal Innovation Centre."

Joanna Robinson, Partner, Pinsent Masons

“We are increasingly interested in employing graduates with multi-disciplinary skill-sets of law, legal technology and computing. We would be interested in exploring a range pf opportunities such as projects/placements/teaching input to support and partner with attendees on the masters programme, one finalised.”​

Melanie Colwill, Learning and Development Manager, Herbert Smith Freehills

CLCI Student Testimonials

"I have just completed my first year of this Masters. The quality of teaching is fantastic and the course offers the perfect opportunity for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge on the relationship between law and tech."

Aine Hughes, Solicitor at A&L Goodbody & student CLCI.


“First class placement opportunities provided by this course allow me to network with the best businesses in Belfast as well as making myself and my abilities known. Completing this course will help aid my career aspirations by giving me the necessary skills to succeed in today’s high tech environment.”

Damien McCann - graduate CLCI


"I have had such a positive experience doing my masters in corporate law and technology. I now know this was the right masters for me given my passion for law and realising early on in my undergraduate degree that technology and computing makes lawyers' jobs easier and improves the accessibility and quality of legal services. There are also not enough lawyers/legal professionals who are familiar with processes such as, artificial intelligence, coding and machine learning for example. I am glad I have acquired more knowledge on these areas through my masters and have a good skill set that I can carry with me into my new legal job.☺️ If anyone has any questions about this particular Masters in Law at Ulster you can send me a message.😊"

Melissa McDonnell - student CLCI

Video Testimonials 






Jane Hollway, Director of Legal Innovation Centre

Mark Potkewitz, Director of Legal Innovation Centre

Prof. Eugene McNamee, Head of School of Law, UU

Andrew Brammer, Director, Allen & Overy






Nicola Russell - Associate, Factor Law (Axiom)

Aine Hughes - Solicitor, A&L Goodbody

George McKinney - Director, InvestNI

Damien McCann, student CLCI

Shannon Walsh, student CLCI


Melissa McDonnell, student CLCI

Citi endorsement

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