Short Courses  

Corporate Law Short Course 


Our short course on Corporate  Law is running in September 2021. For more information on this short course or to register please visit


Corporate Law Short course and CPD Part-time at Belfast 2021/22 | Ulster University

This course covers concepts, principles and rules of law relating to business structures; corporate personality; corporate governance; director's duties and the board; shareholder's rights; share capital; plcs; corporate finance; and insolvency, in the commercial and legal context within which such businesses operate. It is taught with input from specialist commercial lawyers and practitioners.


In addition, participants will need to acquire certain skills, such as those of instant recall, critical analysis, argumentation and articulation, and the ability to apply legal concepts and principles to practical problems or to refer such problems to appropriate dispute resolution methods.

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Technology and Internet Law Short Course 


Our Short Course on Technology and Internet Law is running in January 2022. For more information on the Short Course or to register please visit


Technology and Internet Law Short course and CPD Part-time at Belfast 2021/22 | Ulster University

The course covers contemporary issues spanning law and technology, such as machine learning, privacy, natural language processing, encryption, intellectual property, blockchain, and emerging technology.

The Legal Innovation Centre has also partnered with several technology solutions providers to give students exposure to some the applications and platforms widely used by some of the largest law and professional service firms.

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